DIY Remedy for Split Nails Gel Strip Solutions


I love Dashing Diva’s gel nail strips so much that I used them back to back (all through the holidays) and didn’t give my nails much of a chance to breathe. After about 4 or 5 different sets of strips, my nails started thinning out and splitting. Oops! It makes sense, but I just didn’t think about it. I’d slowly been suffocating my nails and they were suffering for it. I was very bummed out because I bought A LOT of gel strips and I was really sad I had to take a break from them. 🙁 It made me start to wonder if there was a remedy for split nails that would work for me.

It’s been about a month or two and my nails are mostly back to normal. However, it seems as though more people than just me were having the same issue because I received an e-mail from Dashing Diva advertising their new nail care products and remedies for split nails. Of course, I had to order them to try them out and see if they really work!

Remedy for Split nails - the Dashing Diva Red Therapy line

They call this their Red Therapy Line and you can purchase it by clicking on my affiliate link. I have not personally tried them yet, but I did read the reviews and so far people are claiming that they do what they say. There are a few different products of Dashing Diva’s Red Therapy line, but I ended up going with 1 repair product and 2 different base coats.

I purchased the:

Here is a brief overview of all of the products that are being touted as a remedy for split nails.  I’ll update this post when I’ve tried it for myself and let you know how it went!


After giving my nails a much needed break summer finally arrived and I decided to try out my pedicure gel nail strips!

I also thew on some gel nail strips as well to complete the look. I did use the Base Coat for Gloss Nail Strips for both sets and my pedicure is still going strong after about 2-3 weeks!

My nails however, started to get a little warn out mostly because I do a lot of gardening. As I removed the strips I did not have any issues with my nails lifting or peeling. The base coat worked perfectly! They also still looked very healthy and strong.

Yay! I will update on my pedicure removal when it wears off but I’ve received so many complements I’m going to keep them as long as they last!