DIY Festive Holiday Manicure


I just ordered a few Holiday sets from Dashing and I’m thrilled to share them with you because they are super cute! The set in the above image is called Santa’s Helper found on the Dashing website. What I love about these sets are that they come with so many combinations of accent nail strips that you can really come up with some cool designs on your own.

For my left hand I went with a fun reindeer theme…

and for my right hand, I went with Santa for my choice of adhesive gel nail strips.

The best part is that they give you:

  • 34 Nail strips in 11 sizes
  • mini nail file
  • cuticle stick

So you definitely have plenty left for a second manicure for the cost of $8. They’re incredibly easy to apply and take all of about 15 minutes. You simply make sure your nails are clean, push back your cuticles, press onto your nail and smooth outward to avoid bumps or bubbles, and file off the excess. What I also love about these adhesive gel nail strips is that they fortify the thickness of your nails so they feel stronger and less likely to break.

Some of the other nail strips I have tried are thinner and didn’t really prevent my nails from breaking. Dashing Diva nail strips are also incredibly easy to remove and don’t make a mess. You can simply peel them off slowly and they come off intact.

***Tip on Keeping your Manicure looking Fresh!***

If your manicure starts to chip at the ends from overuse, use a large nail clipper and trim the ends off. They will look as good as the day you put them on!

Same manicure 2 weeks later after trimming!

I’ve also bought a few other holiday sets I can’t wait to try. The one on the left is called “Champagne Toast” and the one on the right is “Santa’s Helper.”

The one on the left is called “Holly Jolly“, the middle “Sugar Cookie Sparkle“, and on the right “Sweater Weather.”

I also purchased a few others I haven’t taken pictures of but you can check them out here.