Meet the DIY Handy Mom

I’m not your typical mom… this lovely candid photo my husband took pretty much says it all.

1st Pregnancy… 40 weeks pregnant. 1 day before my due date.

While most expecting mothers are probably on bed rest or taking it super easy in their final week of pregnancy. I was on a ladder repairing dry wall in our dining room during my 1st pregnancy. Nesting is a hell of a drug!

2nd Pregnancy…6.5 months pregnant. Soldering pipes while replacing our hot water heater.


My 1st baby on my lap and my 2nd in my arms

When I first started my blog I was a new mother of a healthy baby boy. As predicted my blog went by the way side while tending to my new baby in the first 3 years of his life, but that didn’t stop me from DIYing. I just didn’t have time to blog about it. Now I am proudly a mother of 2 healthy boys! A 3 year old (three-nager) and a very fussy yet wonderful little 6 week old! How I have time to do anything is beyond me, but I love a challenge and I’m slowly figuring it out.

This blog is not going to be your super picture perfect model housewife mom who has professional photo shoots for each post. I’m not always going to have a full post, and sometimes you might see a work in progress. I will be staying true to my daily life of getting back to something once the kids are tended to! I’m going to take you on a wonderful candid journey of my DIY projects and give you a glimpse of my life as a mom and an avid DIY-er.

Like many moms, I’m a multi-tasker, balancing my work life with my personal but also my house hold chores with my exploratory projects I like to take on. I am a DIY person in the most truest form well before the term DIY was an internet sensation.

I am a designer, builder, handy wo-man, house wife, cook, gardener, seamstress, artist, musician, and most importantly a mom!


My 1st delicious baby boy! Seems like yesterday 🙁


The face of a critical mind!

9 months old!


1 year old!




2 years old!


3 years old with baby brother on the way!



Welcome Baby Bro!

Baby Bro’s 1st Halloween!

Little Bro’s 2nd Halloween!

Now 5 & 2!!!

Being a mother & a wife are my first priorities. I am a caretaker at heart and I find joy in spending time with my family and the responsibilities that come with the territory.

My husband and I are new home owners and we bought our house 3 months before our 1st son was born. A lot has happened since then and I intend to share it with you!