Audrey 2 Little Shop of Horrors Kids’ Halloween Costume


Hi! I’ve had some time to blog with my 5 year old back in school and my 2 year old still taking naps, so I’m starting this post as a preview for my 5 year old’s Halloween costume this year. It wasn’t easy trying to figure out how to get my son to make up his mind, but as soon as he heard “meat eating plant” he was all in on the idea!  Keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY audrey 2 halloween costume!

This time we took a family trip to go get supplies at JoAnn Fabric. I used to have to drag my husband and both boys there, but since this pandemic has had us all cooped up, they’ve been much more enthusiastic about leaving the house!

shopping with the kids for our audrey 2 halloween costume!

The firs thing I took a look at was fabric. I selected some cotton. It’s relatively inexpensive and very easy to work with. Two shades of Green for the leaves and body. Some accent foliage looking print and some pink which will be the base for my mouth, and I’ll probably embellish the  mouth with some purple acrylic paint to resemble the REAL Audrey 2!

I always grab some felt because it’s very versatile and can be used to add some texture and dimension to the costume. I may or may not use it but it’s good to have on hand.

Next I found this awesome ropey looking stuff that looks like it would be great for the vines!

audrey 2 halloween costume - this will do nicely for vines!

Never forget a zipper! How else will your kid be getting in and out of this costume! I got the biggest one I could find for a growing boy!

I may end up making the teeth out of white fabric and stuffing them, but I wanted a back up in case that doesn’t work out. So I found this extra thick foam sheet that may come in very handy.

After leaving the foam sheet section I labored about what to make the flower pot out of that would move with his body for the costume. At first I thought cardboard but it’s very rigid and not ideal if it rains or sprinkles on Halloween, so I circled back to the foam section to see if I could find anything larger. I found this large roll. They didn’t have any brown or terra-cotta looking colors so I figure once I construct it I’ll paint it with some acrylic paint to look like a flower pot. I’m more concerned with the correct amount of rigidity for keeping shape, flex-ability to move with his body, and durability for the elements. I think this will do. If I come up with something better I’ll be sure to post.

Next we took a stroll into the flower section to look for some moss to put on top of the flower pot…


moss material for our diy audrey 2 halloween costume

While waiting in line to get my fabric cut I found my biggest score! I found this incredibly awesome reptilian textured fabric that looked perfect to add uniqueness to this costume. I want to try to emulate the texture of Audrey 2’s head.

audrey 2 halloween costume - the perfect fabric!

I’m super excited to dive into this project and share my Audrey 2 Halloween costume DIY process with you! Stay tuned…


With this costume, I had some serious challenges. With any costume, my biggest goal is to capture all of the details of the character that make them look truly unique and not generic.

With Audrey 2 I immediately thought the thing that will set this costume apart is the mouth! I had to find a way to capture all of the character from Audrey 2’s mouth so there was no mistaking who it was. Now all this and incorporate it into a wearable child costume that fits my 5 year old… easy peezy!

I started with the head hoping the rest would fall into place…


Step 1: Cut the head shape!